I am married to the former Kimberly Ann Tubbs, daughter of Mary Nell Tubbs and the late George Tubbs. My parents are Kathleen Skelton and the late GM Phillips. We have 5 children: Randy is a Scottsboro Fireman and is married to Christy Bearden Phillips, who is an RN at Highlands Medical Center. Heath is an engineer and is employed on Redstone Arsenal and is married to Candace, who is employed at UAH. Jacob is a lineman and employed at Athens Utilities. Dusty is a lineman and employed by MDR Powerline Construction and is married to Kelsey, a radiographer at Highlands Medical Center. Emily, our only daughter, is employed at Huntsville Hospital as an RN. We have 6 grandchildren: Bryant, Carly, Claire, Evie, Isla, and Ashton.


Traci Bynum, Former Crisis Services Director, Current Activities Director Highlands Health and Rehab

I have professionally collaborated with Chuck Phillips for 18 years. Through these years I have known Chuck to diligently work during storms, trauma, and grief. He has supported programs for all age groups, victims of crime, and for the interest of Jackson County. Chuck has proven his dedication to serving and protecting the citizens. He is a pillar and as asset to our county.

Nancy Helms, Retired Woodville Teacher

Chuck Phillips was dedicated to protecting youth from drugs and other addicting substances long before he ever thought of being Sheriff, and this dedication is still at the heart of his services to the public today. Chuck's dedication to the youth has provided many a young adult with a successful and joyful life, from a teacher's perspective. I have personally seen this on numerous occasions. I personally support Chuck and his team that have provided service and protected the people of Jackson County.